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  • Banner Tarpaulin

Banner Tarpaulin

  • Product Item : Banner Tarpaulin
  • Product description : Easty best PVC Tarpaulin banner banner flex lonas vinyl
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- Flat and soft
- Compatible with various solvent and eco-solvent inks
- Excellent finishing and color
- High intensity, good elasticity, integrity;
- Shrinkproof, Rotproof & Waterproof
- Outdoor durability and weather resistant (UV, rain, fungi, frost) with NFPA-701、SGS and REACH compliance

- Tents 
- Truck cover
- Swimming pool 
- Curtain 
- Market stalls

- Raw materials: PVC
- Colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, black(special color on request)
- Finishing: gloss/ matt / semi glossy / semi matt
- Available width: 1.02m to 3.2m (40" to 126")
- Available length: 50m to 100m
- Available weight: 510g/15oz to 860g/26oz
- Packing: kraft paper/ hard tube
-Temp. Resistance Degree: -30 to70

FABRIC: 1000Dx1000D, 20x20 
Weight: 620GSM 
Color: Grey/Orange/Red/White/Purple/Green
Remark: Base Fabric Size
Application: Truck Cover or Tent

FABRIC: 840Dx840D, 18x18
Weight: 510g
Color: All Basic Colors
Remark: Inflatable Material FR Coated
Application: Inflatable Bounce Pad or Inflatable Children Playground

FABRIC: 2000Dx2000D,15x15
Weight: 900g
Color: White
Remark: Structural Fabric Coated FR
Application: Membrane Structural Material for Parking, Sports or Transportation
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